Writober Day 1: Taunt Distractions When Staring at License Plates

Good evening beautiful people!

Day one of Writober is here, and for those who don't know...Writober is a month dedicated to writing a piece of work every day. It doesn't matter if its nano fiction, flash fiction, poetry, or short stories.

If you wrote even a sentence down, it counts! I don't know who exactly invented this yearly October trend but the event is linked to its twin Inktober, a month-long session where artists create a doodle or sketch every day. I missed yesterday's upload so you're getting TWO posts on the same night, enjoy!

Here are the words I pieced together for this poem in a random word generator:

  • Bright Side
  • Rose
  • Mint
  • License Plates
  • Cactus
  • Infrastructure
  • Light Streaks
  • Choking

Taunt Distractions When Staring at License Plates
 by Gracie Shackelford

The bright side of a cactus 
prickles against the sensitive light streaks 
over a rose-mint infused office mug.

Calendared infrastructures swim 
in the choked riverbank
of relinquished liberties 

Volcanos spouting relief were
sowed in 
an excuse 
to wander outside, 
the fiery trails 
of a business lot.