Poem of The Week: A Home I Cannot Return To

Hello beautiful readers and writers,

Last night I got to go to my first Rick Riordan book event and I swear 11 year old me was screaming in the distance. It was such a fun evening...and to see my favorite writer in the flesh and hear him speak was surreal! Ahhhhh!

Anyway, back to the point of today’s post :) I’m so happy to include a new segment on my blog where I showcase my writing skills while simultaneously allowing an outlet to practice my craft. I wrote this poem a very long time ago and I went back to revisit my love of poetry.

Flash fiction, poetry, and short stories are such great exercises for strengthening writing skills. All future writing endeavors require that I must practice & learn from writing mistakes. I can’t just call myself a writer if I don’t make any time to write...Nevertheless, I won’t babble away—enjoy my poem!


A Home I Cannot Return To
Written by Gracie Shackelford

Pointless air cleaved our metal machine in
two separate parts of ourselves,
before work
after what.
Forgotten Chinese food in the front seat 
and the pornographic blanket of us sewn together
in a pattern we knew how to finger paint 
on the back windshields of our cars.

With closed eyes,
colors behind our lids 
turned to water
I wanted to baptize 
myself in.

Catastrophic exchanges 
in the tangled stillness of 
jellyfish drifting in the sea 
of our clutter.