Colors Of Immortality

Title: Colors Of Immortality
Author: J.M. Muller
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars

Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Daniel Thatcher has accepted some hard truths. He knows his parents are junkies, his ex-girlfriend’s a cheater, and he’s one write-up away from losing his job. But what he’s unwilling to accept is that his friend,Tony, skipped town for no reason. So when Daniel finds a map Tony left behind, he follows it to a remote section of the Cascade Mountains. It’s a land filled with haunting shadows and crowded trees—an area untouched by man. Or so Daniel thinks. Not long after arriving in the woods, Daniel discovers inhabitants living in the heart of the forest. Despite their peculiar behavior, the reclusive residents posses an allure that goes far beyond their beauty. But beneath their lovely exterior rests a sinister secret, one that’s both lethal and tragic. It seems the dead don’t always stay buried. Now Daniel’s forced to accept the hardest truth of all: monsters do exist, and if they have it their way, he’ll soon become one of them.

*I received a digital copy of Colors of Immortality from the author in exchange for a complete honest, truthful spoiler-free review.*

My thoughts:

J.M. Muller's Colors of Immortality was a great introduction to the paranormal-fantasy books of the young adult age range.  I found this book to be a easy, fast read for me. The character's were developed with care an importance. Daniel's struggle as a teenager with drug-addicted parents gave him that backstory of an underdog wanting to prove himself to a world that was turning their backs against him.The major moments of the novel include a suspenseful missing person turned murder case and a world beyond what Daniel is used to.

His girlfriend, having supposedly cheated on Daniel at a party, confesses she doesn't know what exactly happened to her at that party. Suspicions are put on edge when Daniel does not take heed of his ex-girlfriends advice that something strange is going on. On a routine double date that Daniel misses, his best friend tony leaves town leaving a simple note saying "I need to get out of this stupid town and find myself." Daniel's subdued suspicions go on full alert, his best friend simply couldn't just vanish out of thin air. I really loved the immediate take off of the plot at this point, it was like a game of musical chairs that kept me on my toes, preparing for any possible outcome of what would happen once I turned that page.

As the story continues readers and Daniel are immersed in a world built around the undead. And Daniel is at the center of a enclave of undead people. It's there, Daniel meets the alluring and cunning, Fantasia( I loved her based on her name alone, any old school Disney fans out there?) Soon the two develop a deep connection that goes beyond life or death, it made my heart melt to be honest. Daniel and Fantasia's love story, while seemingly became super fast and strong in the beginning of the novel-some might say it was a insta love trope, but I found their romance endearing. It was like they had a romance that happened not by fate, but because it had to for their sake. AND I WAS LIVING FOR IT.


There was only one problem I had with the book and once I reread the passages and read ahead, I understood. At the beginning(literally chapter one), when Daniel and his ex-girlfriend Sarah are discussing her infidelity...the way it was phrased made it seemed like Sarah was taken advantage of as a drunk girl at a party by a popular boy at school And at first I was uncomfortable knowing that some girl was having fun, and then having her drink laced with some sort of knock out drug and instead of her boyfriend being concerned that she was taken advantage of, he was made she cheated. But it turned out that that wasn't the case, she wasn't drinking alcohol at all-even the character mentions so-but had her soda spiked, and she was placed somewhere in a ditch with a rumor having already spread across the school...Nevertheless, the novel seems to be clear that Sarah was aware that she cheated and felt sorry about it and that the incident was not an assault. I would say that I wished that beginning part of the novel was a lot more clear because it seemed problematic within the first read.

Furthermore, I loved the way Muller build the unique, strange world of Narivous around Daniel and Fantasia. It sounded so intricate and alluring within the novel I wished I could visit it myself. I would recommend this book if you are into stories about ghosts and paranormal romances,  such as novels like The Hollow by Jessica Verday or Unwind by Neal Shusterman.